Hola, fans of the website (fans of the books, amirite??): I write to you now about a special contest near + dear 2 my <3

These books come out every week which is both kind of amazing and amazingly dumb. I see them more like rap (hip-hop?) mixtapes than traditional 'novels' or 'literature' or 'things people might actually want to read'. What I'm trying to say is there is probably at least a dozen typos in each book, if not countless other "line editing issues" etc.

So here's the deal… tweet me an error via a picture of where it is in the book, and if you're the first person to point out said error, I'll mail you something cool in the real snail mail (a drawing or some dumb thing lying around my office or maybe even a real [dead] snail; like escargot like in France!).

"Dude, this is kind of a lame contest," you say? I'm trying my best here. I'm sorry. I don't have a whole lot going on.