It's pretty simple, really: another week... another book.

(Yup. You heard that right.)

At the end of the day, it's a pretty simple math equation: the more books = the more word things out in the world presented in an order that (maybe) no human has thought of before... and the more original word things = the more happiness... the more happiness? well that = the more time I have to make more books. AKA the circle of life, and life is pretty darn good, if you ask me

So, with that said, let me say that all of the books on here cost $1,000 (whoa, way to Barry the Lead! haha I know). I'm (LINTK J.) in the market for angel investors, son. And I think I got a beacon on some halos if y'all feelin' me. LOL. So: don't be shy. Buy all the books for $1,000; it'll be great.

(None of these books are real yet, if that wasn't clear... that's where the $1,000 comes in, dumb-dumbs.)

🀠 🀠 🀠 🀠 🀠 🀠